1. Where is the library located?

    Madrid campus: Calle Maria de Molina 31bis, on the corner of Calle Nuñez de Balboa Segovia campus: Calle Cardenal Zuñiga 12

  2. What are the opening hours?

    Madrid Campus:

    • Monday to Friday: 8.30am -10pm
    • Saturday: 8.30am - 8pm
    • Sunday: 10am – 3pm

    Segovia Campus:

    • Monday to Friday: 9am - 9pm.
    • Saturday: 10am - 2pm.

    These hours are subject to change; e.g. During exam periods or for local/regional holidays  

  3. How can I contact the library?

    Madrid Campus:

    Segovia Campus:

  4. Am I able to access the library without being in the IE community?

    As an associated alumni you are able to use the facilities. Once you are here, you can see all the printed and electronic documents. You can also check, online, various electronic resources.

    As a non-associated alumni you are able to use the facilities. Once inside you can access all the printed and electronic documents.

    As a Madroño Passport user, to access the facilities you must provide the passport and the corresponding university ID card. The university must be a Madroño member.

    As an add value service, the Madroño Passport users have the possibility to have the Spanish National Library (BNE) card. Check the procedure that allows to obtain the BNE researcher card.

    Anybody can request a temporary access to the library collection via this form.

  5. Is there WIFI available in the library?

    Yes. To login you must use the username and password provided by the IE University. 

  6. If the library is full, can I go elsewhere to study?

    Madrid Campus: has 167 reading locations in its facilities in María de Molina 31 BIS (-1 and 2nd floor).
    Study rooms can be reserved using the application available in Campus, as well as the certain library study locations. Find all the information here.

    Segovia Campus: has 157 reading locations in the library. It is also possible to study in different locations as long as they are not reserved: Student Hub (1st floor next to the cloister), work rooms (3rd floor) and in the classrooms.

  1. How many items can I check out at the same time?

    During the academic year the maximum number of items that you can check out at one time is eight (8), regardless of whether they are books, DVD's, CD-ROM's, etc.

    During school vacations you are allowed to check out up to (12) items.

    For professors/faculty/staff and affiliated alumni the maximum number of items to check out at the same time is eight (8), regardless of whether they are books, DVD's, CD-ROM's, etc.

    For the e-status staff, PHD and DBA, the maximum number of items to check out at the same time is unlimited regardless of whether they are books, DVD's, CD-ROM's, etc.

    For the Madroño passport holders the maximum number of items to check out at the same time is four (4) regardless of whether they are books, DVD's, CD-ROM's, etc.

  2. How long can I check out an item?

    Fifteen (15) days.

    For e-status staff, professors/faculty/staff, PDH and DBA sixty (60) days.

    For affiliated alumni and Madroño passport holders thirty (30) days. 

  3. Are there certain items which have a different check out time than others?


    In the Segovia campus the print magazines and the red and green dot books can only be taken for a maximum of two (2) hours.

    In the Madrid campus the print magazines and the red dot books cannot be checked out, however, you can photocopy or scan them in the library. It is also possible to alter, per professors request, the maximum check out time of certain items (usually DVD's).

  4. How many times can I renew an item?

    For students, professors, staff, PHD and DBA the items can be renewed three (3) times. The renewals can be processed via the website, using your IE library login or by visiting either library (Madrid or Segovia).

    For the Madroño passport holders, items can be renewed once.

  5. When must I renew the item?

    The document can be renewed at any time once it has been checked out to you.

  6. When is it not possible to renew an item?

    When the item has been requested by another user.

    When it has been renewed three (3) times.

    When the item is overdue.

    When the user has been penalized.

  7. Can you reserve items?

    Yes, you can reserve items online using your IE Library login (My IE Library account).

    You can pick up any item once you've received a confirmation email with the availability of the item.

  8. Can you check out items from both libraries?

    Yes. It normally takes about 24 hours for the document to arrive at your library (from the other campus).

  9. Can I request an item that is not available in the IE Library collections?

    Yes, through the interlibrary lending program.

    Here is the application for researchers and professors.

    If you're a student the request must be submitted with information about the class for which you need the item, and the name of the professor.

  10. When doing a suggestion for acquiring a document, will the acquisition be made on its printed format/paper?

    IE Library acquires, preferably, any document on its online format, provided that such format exists. If the requested material is available in online format, yet the petitioner wants to acquire such material on paper, the library will not be responsible of its purchase.

  11. Can I find all the related bibliography on my syllabi at the library?

    IE Library owns a copy of all the related compulsory materials in sillabi bibliographies.

  12. Can I find Final Projects at the library?

    Final Projects are deposited in their respective Departments during the required time. If you need more information for them, contact the coordinator, Professor J. Lejarraga.

  1. Can a librarian help me find what I'm looking for?

    In normal opening hours, whether in-person or via our instant-messaging system found on the home page of our website: IE Library

    From the IE Library homepage, click on “Search IE Library and beyond” and you will be redirected to a new window. Click on the IE Library pull down menu and select the first option “Ask a librarian.”

    Outside of normal opening hours, you can browse our virtual library. To use this service send an e-mail to biblioteca@ie.edu (Madrid) or biblioteca.universidad@ie.edu (Segovia). You can also use our instant-messaging system with any other questions. We will answer as soon as possible.

  2. How can I search the library's catalog?

    Once on the online campus page, pull down the More... menu and choose Add module. On the following display window look for the library module and add it. Go back to the homepage. Once you've added that module, you can now access all the resources available in the online catalog.

    You can also open http://library.ie.edu where you can use the search box seen on the homepage.

  3. How can I access my library account online?

    From the homepage, click on “Search IE Library and beyond.” In the upper right corner you will see the link to register. The username and password are the same as the campus online login information.

  4. How are the printed items organized in the library?

    The books are organized by subject and within each subject they are organized by call numbers, going from left to right and top to bottom on each shelf. On each shelf you will find labels with general and detailed information about each subject- there are labels that will indicate the content on each shelf.

  5. Why does an item show up as available in the online catalog but then I can't find it on the shelf?

    It is possible that another user is using it in that moment, that it might be on one of the shelving carts, or on a table waiting to be shelved. It could also be incorrectly shelved, or the item could have been lost and no one was warned. Regardless, contact a librarian and they will be able to help you.

  1. What does this service include?

    This service allows the users to access the online resources that the IE Library subscribes to (databases, e-books, digital magazines, multimedia material, etc.) by searching on worldCat (only for the IE community) or by their own search. This process can be done on any computer with internet access.

  2. Do I need to register to access the online resources?

    You need to log in to the IE server if you are not using a computer on the IE campus. To log in use the same password and username as you have for the IE Campus Online network.

  3. Who can access these online resources?

    All members of the IE community: students, PDI- teachers and researchers, PAS- Administrative team. Associated alumni can access specific lists of electronic resources.

  4. How can I access these resources?

    There are different ways to connect to the electronic resources:

    • By completing a search in the electronic resources via the IE Library catalog
    • Via the search option on the IE Library Facebook page
    • By scanning the QR barcode on a specific item, which can be found on posters throughout the libraries on both campuses.


  5. Who can help me if I don't know how to use the database, the digital magazines and the rest of the online resources?

    You can always ask the librarians or staff in the library, who will help you complete a specific search or to schedule an information session (in person or online) where you can learn more about the digital resources available.

  6. Are all the documents that show up in the search available in the library?

    Once you've completed the search in the library catalog, or directly in the database, you will have to check that the document that you've selected is available in the library. By searching in the library catalog, make sure that the document is located in the IE Library. If it is not you must fill out the following form (Interlibrary loan) or send an email to biblioteca@ie.edu

  7. Can I access news portals from the library?

    From the library's homepage there are links to the online press. You can find Spanish and international news there. In addition to these resources, in both libraries (Madrid and Segovia) you can scan the QR codes for various newspapers for a quicker access.

  8. What are the user guidelines for these resources?

    Please read the following user guidelines.

  1. Does the library have computers available for the users?

    There are computers throughout both of the libraries for the users. Remember that IE Library's computers are for research purposes only (catalogue search, article printing, database consulting, bibliography, checking,...).

  2. What happens if I don't have a computer and I need to use one?

    You can use a public computer in the library or borrow a tablet or an iPad from any librarian.

  3. Can I print from the library computers?

    Yes. You must be logged in to the IE Library network, using the same user and password as you do for Campus Online.  Remember that IE Library's computers are for research purposes only (catalogue search, article printing, database consulting, bibliography, checking,...).

  4. Can I print from my laptop?

    Yes. Please check the technology guide that is available by accessing Campus Online.

  5. What can I do if I don't know how to install the printer driver on my computer?

    You should go to the IT department or contact them via http://servicedesk.ie.edu

  6. How can I scan the documents that I've sent from the computer to the copy machines?

    There are user manuals for all the electronic devices. In the Madrid campus there is a printer that is only for scanning, photocopying and printing documents from the library's resources.

  7. Do the public computers work without a keyboard and a mouse?

    Yes. There is an application, LEAP MOTION that recognizes movements so that the user can interact with the computer to complete a search.

  8. Does the library use augmented reality technologies?

    Yes. It is used to review the pamphlets in the library, via the LAYAR application.