Chargers loan

Chargers Availability

There are different models of chargers and other technical devices available for use at the library. iPhone 4, 5 and 6; Mini USB (Samsung, Sony, Nokia….); iPad; laptop and tablets.
They can be borrowed for a maximum of 4 hours, and can be renewed 3 times in a row. The delay in returning chargers results in the payment of 10 euros per day of delay.
Return chargers without damage as a courtesy to others and be awared that other people could need them as well.
Prestamo de iPads, tablets & cargadores
LOAN Loan hours: "Technology" Loan hours: "Information desk" Consecutive renewals Overdue material / by day and type of material
Students and faculty 4 Study room 3 10 €
Alumni 4 Study room 1 10 €
PhD, DBA, and staff 4 Study room No limit 0 €
Users from other institutions Study room Study room 0 -
Please, go to loan desk for more information.