Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces is a new technology that  allows the user to connect automatically to a specific spot in the library via their smartphone.


  • Automatic silence: This featurel silence  automatically your cell phone when you enter in the area and it de-activates when leaving.
  • Analytics: It collects data regarding users behavior and interaction, and the effectivity of publicity and campaigns.
  • Web management: Easy management of the Smart Spaces (content, statistics, configuration...) all from one simple platform.
Tecnologías - Smart Areas

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags on printed, voice and visual materials that belong to the library holdings, can be read by means of new reading devices. These devices can recognize the RFID tags and also the ID tags of the IE community, as well,  they can activate the alarm security.

Immersive Reality

This technology consists of the immersion in an artificial environment where the user feels just as immersed as they usually feel in consensus reality.

It combines the real image with dynamic 3D elements to create scenes you can enjoy in 360 º, or you can can move and continue to see different images.

Inmersive reality is virtual, in real time, live and without devices. The subject does not need helmets, cables, glasses or green screens.

In exhibitions and presentations the immersive experience increases the ability to receive, understand and retain the message. The speaker can enter in a digital environment and interact with 3D virtual elements, so that speaker and attendees will be immersed in it.

Watch this video for more information.


Tecnology - Immersive Reality


QR (Quick Response Barcode), allows the user to instantly access the library's responsive website by scanning the QR code.

Tecnologías - QR

Google Glass

This is the development and implementation of an application that allows the use of this wearable Glass. 

Its application to the library offers the following services:

  • Collect value-added information about the documents
  • Recover information depending on the context
  • Locate documents on the shelves
  • Facial recognition of all users
  • Maps with contextual help
  • Localization help throughout the library
  • Advertising services and holdings (marketing display)

Leap Motion

The user can interact with the information using a multi-touch control device.

By using Leap Motion, a small device found in front of the computer screen, the user can precisely capture hands, fingers and objects in movement. Because of this technology, the keyboard and mouse are replaced when the user needs to navigate the web, draw or zoom in (and out) on maps, photos, etc. 

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard glasses, made of cardboard or foam, can convert any smartphone into a virtual reality device. 

This device allows to take pictures or videos with the app 360 effect, with the app google camera (available on iOS and Android).

Once you are in the app, select the photosphere option and “play”by placing the blue ball within the big circle as many times as you like. Move around the space taking as many pictures as you want; once you finish and save, the app will directly generate the 360º effect.

To experience the media files in an immersive way, (you can also see the photos as usual with the “regular” 360º effect), go to the app cardboard (for download on iOS and Android).

To view the photos, videos… select the last option, and play with the rest!

With the magnet on the left side you'll be able to scroll through the pictures; set the phone with the screen inward within the glasses, wear them, and enjoy the experience.

Check out this techcrunch video for more information.

If you want to try them, don´t hesitate to tell us.

Internet of things

Discover with World Around Me useful places such as IE Library, restaurants, ATMs, shops, bus/metro stations and more.

Explore IE Library through your phone’s camera on a completely new way. Point your camera on any direction and access the Library through the overlays of virtual signboards by Augmented Reality technology.

Available on Android and iOS.

Internet de las cosas


Mirror your mobile into any screen with and HDMI port with Chromecast and control it from your device.

More information in Google Chromecast.


My IE Library Account APP

With the new My IE Library Account APP, approachable for all the IE Community, you have available the IE Virtual Library 24 hours, 364 days anywhere in the world now from your smartphone.

With downloading the APP, you will be able to manage your IE Library personal space, consult the IE Catalog and access all the e-resources available (remember to log in with your IE credentials):

- Loans: consult your loaned materials, their return date and renew your loans.
- Holds: make or cancel your holds, consult your position in the hold queue and check if the materials you have requested are available for pick up at the Library.
- Deadline Plus: check any possible outstanding Deadline Plus.
- Search IE Library: Find the documents that are most accurate to your needs in WorldCat, the world's largest library catalog.

Watch this video, and learn how to use it.

My IE Library Account is available for download at Android and iOS.



IE Tags Beat


IE Tags beat is an experience of sensory immersion, using gestural actions.

This project allows access to the the IE Schools electronic resources through the different types of documents, databases, e-books, electronic magazines, websites, newspapers and media, etc., mainly the ones most used by IE users.

IE Tags Beat

Geolocation service for printed documents

Starting from the application (app) that now offers the IE Library, users will have the possibility, via a virtual tour, to find physically , independently and from their own mobile phones, the printed document stored on the shelves of the library, necessary to cover their information needs.


Circulation service through mobile devices

Starting from the application (app) that now offers the IE Library, users can carry out, independently and from their own mobile phones, its own circulation service functionalities: loans, returns, payment of Deadline Plus by credit card and timely notifications on the use of that service. These functionalities are thus added to those already offered now: renewals and reservations of printed documents, through such mobile devices.


For more information consult here.


Tecnologia Circulación Vertical

Information service based on augmented reality technology

The Augmented Reality feature was developed with the Layar Creator application, which is used in the “Ask the Librarian” tool.

The A.R. technology is also used in IE Library's promotional brochure.

By combining virtual functions with a physical object, the library offers the information electronically, which also makes it accessible to mobile devices. 

Through an application that uses augmented reality technology, the users can get catalog information from any printed document only approaching their mobile phone, once the application is opened, to the document.

Tecnologías - Realidad Aumentada

Webcam and headphones loan

Ask IE Library staff for the conditions and loan of the headphones and webcam available.