Library Use Conditions

The IE Library offers a subscribed service to its users of electronic resources and a careful selection of quality resources: databases, books, electronic magazines, legal portals, open files, etc.

Conditions of use

The IE Library has subscribed the appropriate licenses of electronic resources which authorize the use on the same for academic use, other uses such as profit-making or activities not connected to the IE are strictly prohibited.

The authorized users are only permitted to print, store and copy articles from magazines, a chapter of books or partial registers at databases, only in a reasonable number with the object of research, teaching and study, without infringing the specific conditions at each license.

It is prohibited (general terms):


  • Any use which infringes the current law of Intellectual Property (R. D. L. 1/1996, 12th April, reformed by law 23/2006 at 7th July),  the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, as well as, the organic law of protection of information of personal character (organic law 15/1999, 13th December), and any other law which is applicable.
  • The copying of entire magazines, electronic books or databases.
  • Manipulate or alter any register, document or resource component, as the warnings and conditions and the same use.
  • The use of information for a commercial or lucrative benefit.
  • To carry out large downloading at information, other then the limits allocated for each producer.

The access to electronic resources implies the acceptance by all users the conditions of use, the user being responsible for any damage detrimental which may occur.

Download the user conditions here.