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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Statement on libraries and sustainable development issued in Glasgow by IFLA´s Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group declares sustainable development as a concern to libraries as it relates to equal access to information, multiculturalism, education, free thought, and general democratic values.

At the national level, REBIUN´s Strategic Plan III aims to promote, among others, "the quality and sustainability of academic libraries" and "loyalty to the university values and institutional goals". Its first strategic aim, and specifically objective 5., defines the integration of the library in the university's goals, which includes the provision that the library must be part of the university´s corporate social responsibility strategy.

Within this context, IE Library contributes to IE´s Social Corporate Responsibility by including social responsibility in everything we do and developing actions that foster the values of solidarity, respect, tolerance, freedom, and responsibility in our members.

Our actions contribute to the common goal of making social responsibility a fundamental mark of identity at IE, focusing on the results of these actions in society.

IE Library offers a wide range of products and services that promote the achievement of each and every one of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

As part of our widening participation strategy, IE Library demonstrates its involvement and commitment to society by participating in charitable, recreational, and cultural events, and freely offering our sites and resources. This is also shown through our educational engagement activities, which include hosting library visits, conferences, and talks by library staff in local schools and other organizations, etc.

Development Actions 

  • To promote library activities related to education and further development (group visits to the library, scholarships, external group training, etc), as well as the development of key performance indicators and other evidence to measure the impact of these activities.
  • To facilitate IE Library staff active engagement in external activities with a clear social corporate responsibility remit.
  • To promote the continuous professional development and international mobility of IE Library staff and their participation in conferences, library exchanges, etc. so they are best prepared to serve all our library users.
  • To encourage both internal and external users to provide feedback on the services they access in order to review and improve.
  • To monitor IE Library's corporate agreements with other institutions, as well as other parts of IE, to ensure they deliver on its strategic objectives.

External participation and cooperation efforts

  • Solidarity Event - Campus Life - Book donations
  • Solidarity market - Student office - Book donations
  • Solidarity market - Financiers without Borders - Book donations
  • Use of space by the Asociación de Bibliotecarios y Documentalistas de Madrid (project to create the Colegio de Bibliotecarios y Documentalistas de la Comunidad de Madrid)
  • Training on the World Management Services system to professionals from other libraries and library consortia such as BUCLE, UCM,…

Internal participation

  • The Library collaborates in IE Corporate Social Responsibility projects with NGOs, creating an impact on the entire IE community, by donating all the money received through any paid service.
  • "The Purple Corner": library section to promote gender equality (SDG 5). We collect information and books about this subject. We develop activities that allow the participation of all the IE Community members. This project has been awarded by the American Library Association (ALA) as one of the 2020 Best Practices from World Libraries in promoting social justice and inclusion in society.
  • Promotion of art through the exhibition in the library the works created by our students in various IE University creative initiatives (click here for more information).
  • "Take a book, leave a book" is a service that allows people to exchange books.
  • Paper zero waste: paper recycling containers; paper-saving promotions via messages at the bottom of emails;...

These actions and initiatives are based on key values essential to reach our goals:

  • An engaged, user-centered, high-quality service that gets its user needs and expectations right.
  • An ethos of continuous development, teamwork and the capacity to learn, promoting creativity, innovation, motivation, and sustainability,
  • A culture of sustainability, solidarity, and cooperation, promoting the role of the library as a meeting point fostering connections among cultures.

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