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Corporate Social Responsability

The IFLA stakeholder, Environmental Sustainability and Libraries, approved the Statement on libraries and sustainable development in Glasgow, where it declares sustainable development as a concern of the libraries in the aspects of equal access to information, multiculturality, education, free thought, and general democratic values.

In regards to the national level, the Strategic Plan III of REBIUN aims to promote the values of, among others, "the quality and sustainability of university libraries" and "the loyalty of the values and institutional goals of the university".

The Strategic Plan 1 of said plan, and specifically objective number 5, define this issue, by said objective declaring the advancement of the integration of the library in the university's goals, which includes the implication that the libraries be part of the social responsibility of the university.

In this sense, the library contributes to the idea established in the Social Responsibility Corporation of IE, meaning it includes social responsibility in its conduct to therefore contribute to the development of actions that foster the values of solidarity, respect, tolerance, freedom, and responsibility in the members of the community.

The actions of the IE library contribute to the common goal, unequivocally, of making social responsibility a fundamental mark of its identity, focusing on the results of those actions in society. To better the perception that society has of our services, the IE Library gets involved and demonstrates its promise to society by participating in beneficial activities, related to free time or cultural events, and allowing its sites or resources to be used. This is also shown through activities related to furthering education: visits of its facilities, conferences, or talks given by the staff in institutes or organizations, etc.

Conduct and actions to develop

Completion of questionnaires and surveys in which information will be collected or the library's importance in society will be assessed.

Control and follow-up of the IE Library's agreements and relations with institutions, organisms, and other components of the institution which it belongs to.

Promote library activities related to education and further development (group visits to the library, scholarships, external group training, etc), as well as developing the indications and evidence to control said activities.

Presence at external IE Library staff activities

Promote the international mobility of the IE Library members and their participation in conferences, speeches, exchanges, etc.

Encourage external users to adhere to the correct policy, completing a follow-up in regards to the services that they receive.

External participation and cooperation efforts

  • Solidarity Event - Campus life - Book donations
  • Solidarity market - Student office - Book donations
  • Solidarity market - Financiers without Borders - Book donations
  • Use of space by the Asociación de Bibliotecarios y Documentalistas de Madrid (project to create the Colegio de Bibliotecarios y Documentalistas de la Comunidad de Madrid)
  • Agreement with the Madroño Committee: passport, travel bag, and acquisitions
  • Training on the World Management Services system to professionals from other libraries and library consortia such as BUCLE, UCM,…

Internal participation

  • The Library collaborates in IE Corporate Social Responsibility projects with NGOs, causing an impact on the entire IE community. The Library donates the amount of money received through any service that has to be paid.  
  • Responsible use of chargers, that have been shared by the IE Community members.
  • Use of the paper recycling containers
  • Promoting saving paper with messages at the bottom of the letters

Conducts and actions are based on several values, which are essential for reaching the goals and objectives.

A responsible, user-oriented, high-quality service, which resolves their needs and expectations in a satisfactory manner.

A continuous improvement, group work, and a capacity for learning, promoting aspects such as creativity and innovation, motivation and sustainability, solidarity and drive for cooperation, promoting the role of the library as a meeting point and cultural connection.


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