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IE Library's Purple Corner, an example for other institutions: San Cristóbal creates its own Purple Corner inspired by IE University's one.

06 September 2020

IE Library has participated in the inauguration of the 'Purple Corner' in San Cristóbal de Segovia, a pioneering project in the network of libraries in Segovia and the province organized by the City Council of this locality influenced by our Library.

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Virtual Study Space, exclusive service for IE Community

31 August 2020

We present you an exclusive service for IE Community: Virtual Study Space.

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IE Library reinforces its liquid learning model with gamification, augmented and immersive reality

13 July 2020

The institution's library offers educational tools based on gaming, such as Classcraft or Seppo, an example of Liquid Learning.

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ECONBIZ Partner Meeting 2020

23 June 2020

IE Library attended, as every year, the Econbiz partner meeting. Due to the pandemic situation, this time the meeting was held, successfully, via Zoom.

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IE Library receives recognition from the American Library Association

25 May 2020

IE Library has been awarded by the ALA (American Library Association) international program 2020 ‘Best Practices from World Libraries Photo Gallery’, thanks to the Purple Corner initiative. This recognition proves IE Library's commitment to promote social justice and inclusion.

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