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User engagement through technology, ie Library case at EMEARC17

01 March 2017

“Libraries at crossroads: Resolving Identities”, a challenge for Libraries to take on this digital era! The theme of this year’s EMEARC congress that has allow to discuss the digital identity of Libraries and the communities it serves.

EMEARC17 has been an international stage to present the latest evolving practices and cutting-edge technologies to improve the user experience and the opportunities for engagement.

Ie Library has been one of the member session speakers, having the chance to present the current innovative technologies available: My ie Library Account APP, new features with the paypal fines payment, Smart Spaces, social bubles,  gesture recognition devices, such as Leap Motion, Myo Thalmic bracelets, or cardboard glasses and the impressive ie WOW Room

In addition to that, Ie Library has been represented as well as part of the EMEA REGIONAL COUNCIL.

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