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83rd IFLA General Conference and Assembly

24 October 2017

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)  held its 83rd General Congress and Assembly held its 83rd General Conference and Assembly meeting in Wroclaw, Poland, both UNESCO World Book Capital and European Capital of Culture status in 2016—the first city ever to obtain this double distinction. There were 3,100 delegates from 122 different countries and IE Library were there as it belongs to the Standing Committees of both the IFLA America Latina and Caribbean  and the IFLA Management and Marketing Sections and for the first time this year we are also part of two other Sections, IFLA Information Technology and IFLA Library Theory and Research.

"Libraries. Solidarity. Society." Was the chosen topic of this year. The Global Vision discussion was launched, emphasizing that one one of IFLA’s aims is to empower and strengthen the position of libraries and librarians worldwide.  Several dynamic platforms were released (including launches of a global online voting platform and the Library Map of the World) that will both enable and empower librarians to “make the difference”.

In addition to 247 sessions and more than 500 lecturers, delegates and spectators enjoyed Polish culture and it’s history visiting Wroclaw in depth, as well as Warsaw, Auschwitz or Krakow among others.

Do not forget to check out the memories of our experience at General Congress and Assembly of IFLA.