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14th CLADEA Directors of Information Centers Meeting

31 October 2017

IE Library hosted the 14th CLADEA Directors of Information Centers Meeting. The Latin American Council of Management Schools, CLADEA group, is formed by professionals from the sector, Directors of Libraries and Information Centers of member institutions, from more than 30 countries in Latin America, and some representative members from Germany And UK.

CLADEA is one of the largest networks of business schools worldwide. This international organization, provides a system of international cooperation and reciprocal membership of  leading academic institutions in the world. Higher education institutions dedicated to teaching and research in the area of public and private management.

It has been a great honor for IE Library to be the first in hosting the Ibero American meeting of Library Directors. The event took place in both Segovia and Madrid campus and has been a great oportunity to strengh cooperation around  the topic “Libraries, Marketing & Technology“, while fostering intercultural and human relations.

IE Library presented about Technological Experiences within the IE Library (Hololens Glasses (Microsoft). Aumentaty. Immersive Reality. Focus on innovation in user training. Aumentaty. Virtual reality. Access to information in the IE Library of the present. Aumentaty.  IE Tags Beat. Search for information through: gamification, big data and artificial intelligence. Show of the new functions of the APP (Chromecast): payment by credit card, loans and returns. Sample of the new function of the APP: Smart Spaces. Robot Pepper. The members of the meeting had the oportunity to experience with all the technologies shown.

All members also had the opportunity to discover Segovia and all it’s wonderful history and flavour.

You can discover more information, photos and videos about the meeting at