The Library



19 March 2018

The event took place in the vibrant city of Edinburgh, Scotland, in the "Assembly Rooms" under the question "What does it take to become a" smarter library "?

The agenda was designed for attendees representing all types of libraries and featured thought leaders from within and outside the library community, including library colleagues and OCLC leaders. This was a great opportunity to connect with other librarian leaders to share ideas, learnings and points of view.

We live in the age of Alexa, Big Data, autonomous cars, everything intelligent. What does this mean for libraries, their services and their value and values? We saw how the "smarter libraries" can redo the experiences of users to make them more personalized, effective and intuitive. We investigated ways to take advantage of the data to improve both the services and the results. And we saw how, by applying and strengthening our professional values, libraries can strengthen the communities they serve. All with the endless requirement to innovate and reimagine every facet of the library.

The agenda was developed to include multiple learning and exchange opportunities, including: plenary sessions, member group sessions, lightning talks and networking activities.

In addition to the schedule, two consecutive events were also held; the OCLC Workshop and the WMS Community Event. Both provided the opportunity to obtain more information about OCLC and its products, share ideas and establish contacts.