The Library


EconBiz 2018 Partners’ Meeting

24 April 2018

EconBiz is a search portal for economics and business studies, that offers literature search across important German and international databases and full text access on internet. Its mission is to enable high level research in economics and business studies through easy access to quality subject matter.                                             

The group, EconBiz-Partners, which is characterized by the multiculturalism of its members, expands its horizons every year with new additions, such as IESA from Venezuela. Librarians, professors and researchers from different countries throughout the world, meet every year to analyze and contribute knowledge about Econbiz, and exchange good practices around the world of research. This year, besides doing the overview over the new EconBiz developments on the Partner Network and Student Competition, the EconBiz achievements from 2017 and plans for 2018 and the feedback of participants on future developments, the group had discussions on Open Access and research data management, Information literacy and new technologies in libraries.

IE Library presented the new cutting edge technologies tools applied to the library services, the IE Vertical Library and the Smart Areas, Pepper Robot as the library assistant, IE Tag Beats, Inmersive Reality, Virtual Reality and gesture recognition devices like Leap Motion, and the launching of the new and unique DiY IE Library APP, a completely new way to manage the circulation service, allowing the user to do a self loan, self return, manage renewals and payment of fines all through the Smart Phone, along with the creation of the Smart Station, a completely new space in the library designated to host latest generation mobiles with the app installed, and where the user can manage the loans in case they don´t have the app downloaded in their mobiles.

Other members presented highlights of their institutions, such as the management of MOOCS, the spaces in the library, collections and services for economist and data users, and much more.

As on previous occasions, the partners’ meetings coincide with other interesting events, such as the Open Science Conference