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IFLA LAC Mid-Term meeting 2018

09 May 2018

The Permanent Committee of the Latin America and the Caribbean Section (IFLA-LAC) together with the Library of Congress of the Argentine Nation, have organized the International Scientific Seminar: Libraries for Peace and Transparency and the IFLA LAC Mid-Term Meeting in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. IE Library has not missed the meeting held by the Library of Congress of the Argentine Nation.

IE Library has been part of the International Scientific Seminar "Libraries for Peace and Transparency", making known the progress made by our country in the implementation of the IFLA Advocacy and Global Vision Programs within the framework of the Objectives of Sustainable Development (ODS) and especially objective 16 related to Libraries for Peace.

As a member of the Standing Committee, we also participated in the Mid-Term meeting, presenting the activities developed in our country for the implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty and the exceptions to the Copyright Law, as well as taking part in the discussions and decisions for future Committee and Region actions.

The attendees had the opportunity to give continuity to the actions undertaken by the Standing Committee, as well as to strength cooperation among the professional members of IFLA LAC.

As an additional activity, attendees were invited to the Congress of the Association of Graduate Librarians of the Argentine Republic (ABGRA), held within the program of the Book Fair of Buenos Aires.