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The Lebanese Library Association (LLA) 4th Conference

18 June 2018

IE Library attended The Lebanese Library Association (LLA) 4th Conference, held in Beirut, Lebanon.

The conference, organized in collaboration with IFLA Asia and Oceania Regional Section, is the most important gathering of librarians in the Arab world, and included speakers from Asia and Oceania, USA, Europe, and the Arab world itself.

Under the theme “Innovative libraries: Paths to the future” the conference identified and addressed how technology is transforming innovation in libraries. With re-imagination and clear vision, libraries are infusing new technologies while creating dynamic meeting places, digital repositories, 24/7 digital services, and remote access to physical and cloud-based collections, regardless of boundaries. These libraries have adapted well in changing with the needs of their communities.

Within the program offered, IE Library gave a talk on how to embrace digital innovation reinventing higher education from the library, also new technologies used in the library to enhanced user experience were exposed.

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