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Singapore Libraries share their experiences with IE Library

08 September 2018

As a result of two prestigious institutions doing a partnership and sharing knowledge, IE Library has participated in an exchange program with the Library of the SMU. In  August, Amada Marcos, Head of IE Library, carried out an Erasmus + initiative, whose objective was to promote work prospects, the richness that is the exchange of knowledge through the contact between two libraries of different cultural environments , as well as personal development and in accordance with the professional labor in IE Library.


The program was articulated around a week, during which each service offered by the library could be seen in depth as well as tours to its centers Li Ka Shing Library and Kwa Geok Choo Law Library, in addition to tours in the physical spaces of libraries belonging to relevant institutions, INSEAD Asia campus, NUS Business Library and Lee Wee Nam Library, as well to visit the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Center for Management Practice of SMU itself.


This exchange helped to continue strengthening the ties that have linked the IE with the SMU for a long time. The IE-SMU alliance brings together two elite educational institutions, creating global access to unparalleled business knowledge for students, faculty, and executives worldwide.

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