DiY IE Library APP

Access with DiY IE Library APP to your IE Library personal space; manage your loans, holds and fines; borrow, renew and return items by yourself; make pending payments; check the catalog, etc. Enjoy IE Library 24/7, anywhere and from any e-device!. Available for download on Android and iOS

More information in this video.

Library PRO Future

Virtual reality and Immersive reality to create the library of the future. A switch toward DiY (Do it yourself) philosophy, where the user is autonomous Play & search with IE Tags Beat; gamification, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, a new way of perceiving and accessing information. Reinventing learning. Reinventing searching. Discover your library of the future!

Smart Station DiY

Smart Station DiY, a special space designed and equipped with the latest technology. Next generation mobiles with DiY IE Library APP where the user can manage the loans, renewals, returns, payments... DiY IE Library APP: an app that enhances your library experience, taking you to a technological dimension unique in the world… Taste the future in your own hand.

Emerging & Innovation Tech

Emerging technologies, Smart Spaces, Vertical Library... Physical barriers disappear, applications and technological devices transform IE library in an intelligent space. Pepper, the new library assistant, our brand new project, combining artificial intelligence and BOTs. Change the way you search. Change the way you learn.

IE Library. Reinventing learning and research from the library

Presentation offered by Henar Silvestre, IE Library Associate Director in the FESABID Cluster about the current technologies in IE Library such as DiY IE Library APP, Qbits, virtual reality and immersive reality and projects we are developing, as Pepper, the new librarian assistant that combines artificial intelligence and BOTs.