e-Bibliography editor

E-bibliography editor shows professors how to collect the materials included in the syllabus bibliography with the Course Reserves Manager. It allows to share them with a permalink.

Google Scholar

Access the full text of the articles available on the virtual library and other academic materials through Google Scholar. More information on this service in 

IE Library presentation

One of our librarians gives a brief introduction about the most outstanding services in IE Library.

Leap motion & IE Library

Discover Leap Motion with IE Library, a new way to interact with your computer. Leap Motion is a gesture recognition sensor that detects the natural movement of your hands and lets you control the computer through gestures in the air.

Meet the new IE Library website

Discover our new IE Library website, with a more intuitive design, more accessible browser, animated menus and web browsing facilities. Now at a glance you can see all the services. Try it!