IE Library presentation

One of our librarians gives a brief introduction about the most outstanding services in IE Library.

Leap motion & IE Library

Discover Leap Motion with IE Library, a new way to interact with your computer. Leap Motion is a gesture recognition sensor that detects the natural movement of your hands and lets you control the computer through gestures in the air.

Meet the new IE Library website

Discover our new IE Library website, with a more intuitive design, more accessible browser, animated menus and web browsing facilities. Now at a glance you can see all the services. Try it!

OCLC - IE Library

Amada Marcos Blázquez, Head of IE Library, explains how the use of WorldShare Management Services has given the IE Library capacity to focus their resources on implementing new technologies.

IE Library Augmented Reality Assistant

The Augmented Reality feature is developed with the Layar Creator application, which is used in the “Ask the Librarian” tool and is also used in IE Library's promotional brochure. By combining virtual functions with a physical object, the library offers the information electronically, which also makes it accessible to mobile devices.