How to cite bibliography

We aim to provide guidelines for preparing and presenting bibliographical references and citations. The guidelines are recommended for research work, research papers, journal articles, and classwork.
The International Standard Organization (ISO) has updated the rules ISO 690-1987 and ISO 690-2 on the ISO 690-2013, which we recommend you follow. To access it please follow the link: ISO 690:2010
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5 myths about copyright and user licenses - 5 mitos sobre derechos de autor y licencias de uso    (Spanish version)

Practical guide to use licenses for teachers - Guía práctica de licencias de uso para docentes    (Spanish version)

Don't plagiarize:

  • Do not repeat a text without referencing its author. Also for images, videos, music, etc.
  • Do not copy them unless you cite where you got them from.
  • Don't paraphrase a text without citing its sources.
  • Don't use content from a job or post without citing it.
  • Do not buy or present work that is not yours as if it were.