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How to get the most out of IE Library to get the best academic experience? 

IE Library offers services and access policies to special resources aimed at both Alumni and Associated Alumni.

Those alumni belonging to the Association will be able to enjoy remote access to certain online databases and press, as well as borrowing physical materials for a 30 days period.

For further information regarding these resources accessible in a remote way, and of the Library's Circulation policies, please refer to our website  OurUsers.

Former Non-Associated Students have free access to consult the totality of both physical and electronic collections of the IE Library, within our facilities. If you have any questions regarding the Association or related topics, please, do not hesitate to contact Alumni.

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How to research to get information and advice about companies where a job interview will be held?

Use the Career Insider Vault, resource within the section Companies, to find out general disclosure on the company, its competitors, and the latest related news.

The Orbis database provides quantitative business information worldwide.

SABI allows for locating Spanish and Portuguese companies by activity and location, whilst Alimarket offers sectoral economic information on companies, establishments, brands, works and projects localized in Spain.

Finally, the resource Company Profiles provides profiles of companies listed in alphabetical order; academic publications, books/monographs; country reports; industry profiles; market research reports; SWOT analysis; trade publications, and company working documents.

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Which are the available resources to compare information between companies?

EBSCO manages full-text scientific information were to carry out comparatives between companies in Company Profiles, providing also summaries of articles from scientific journals, reference books, and other publications of a diverse set of disciplines, updated permanently. This application presents an interface online, so it is possible to gain access to other public and private databases in colleges, universities, libraries, schools, medical institutions, government agencies, and corporations.

Another resource for establishing comparisons between companies is SWOT Analyses.


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Are there job offers inside the different resources by IE Library?

BloombergFinancial TimesQualtrics Careers, SSRNWarcWashington PostCareer Insider Vault.

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Where can specific guides on management and strategic consulting be found?

Inside Guides, within the Career Insider Vault resource, find up to 3 types of specific guides of strategic consulting. One of them is Industry Guides, providing information on Accounting, Advertising/Marketing, Banking and Finance, Consulting, Energy, Hospitality, Insurance, IT & Engineering, Investment Management, Law, Media & Entertainment, Nonprofit, etc..

Another type is Advice Guides where to find key aspects related to Interviewing, Networking, and Resumes.

Finally, at Education Guides, find academic counseling relating to university in CollegeMBA, and Internships.

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How to find trends of the major industries and perspectives, that are the best suit into a working profile to achieve goals? 

Inside the Career Insider Vault resource, drop down to Career Resources > Industries, so, to find the listing, trends, and perspectives for the main industries. Examine the rankings of the fastest-growing industries, the best-considered industries within the liberal arts, as well as, to identify the industry that best suits personal background and interests.

Find inside Industry Profiles, in-depth documents of the main industries selected by industry, country, region, and publisher.

EBSCO 's resource offers, within the option More of the menu, where to select Company Profiles. It also leads to MarketLine/ Medtrack Company Profiles database, to find out the latest trends in the industry.

Enter Warc > Trends to know the trends in emerging markets; all sorts of information on intellectual leadership, marketing strategies, and the latest research.

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Where to find the most recommended professional practices?

Within Career Insider Vault resource, the Internships tab provides access to internships rankings and reviews, and also advice for job interviews. Complete your information with Best Selling Guides.

Improve your skills with:

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Is there any guidance and professional advice on careers? 

The Career Insider Vault resource presents in a series of video interviews at Career Resources > Career Q&A Videos: interviews with professionals from amongst various industries in order to get a crystal clear vision of the professions along with advice from the professionals themselves.

Develop your profiles with:

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Which are the world's most in-demand professions?

In the resource Career Insider Vault, access those professions considered the first level. Find out the profile that best matches interests and abilities, along with a detailed description of the searched profession.

And find out in Top Ranked Professions to acknowledge the most appreciated professions in the fields of TechnologyFinance, and Engineering.

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What resource should be consulted in order to elaborate CVs, cover letters, job interviews, and networks?

Career Insider Vault, inside the Career Resources option, provides answers to all the questions such as why a CV is needed, not only while looking for a job but because it is a tool with incalculable added value, applicable to many other situations in life. The CV keeps being relevant because it also contributes to building professional credibility and related experiences.

In Career Resumes, get tips on how to prepare CV's, in Cover Letter Advice, to create cover letters, at Interviewing, preparations for the interview, in Networking, advice to build a good network of contacts, the ranking of industries, companies by sectors in order from A to Z. Top Ranked Professions is about the leading professions, Career Advice Blog is where find interviews, job offers, wages, benefits, etc., Career Q&A Videos audiovisuals complemented with questions and answers.