Interactive Whiteboards

Touch Screen Monitors (Whiteboards)


IE Library offers the possibility of working with interactive monitors that allow the access to all the resources offered on our Virtual Library anytime, anywhere.


Work and experience with the information in a completely new way. Create, listen, touch and feel the information, transform it and share it. Everything from a user-friendly and intuitive environment.



  • Multi-touch surface.
  • Touch-Operated Onscreen Display
  • Pen Software Interface (ask library staff for the remote and touchpen)
  • Handwriting recognition.
  • Simultaneous Writing
  • Input with your fingers or the computer keyboard and mouse.
  • MFP Connectivity
  • Touch Display Link


Locations and availability:

  • Availability: Available for all the IE Community.
  • Location: 
    • Madrid and Segovia’s Library entrance.  
    • Classrooms, where students and Faculties use them to access our electronic resources.


Training Resources:

For help with the interactive whiteboard, ask the IT staff.


Touch Screen Monitors (Whiteboards)