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Integration of the IE Library catalogue in the e-Syllabus edition

This service allows professors to include, from the e-Syllabus edition, direct links to the mandatory and recommended materials of the different sessions of the programs that are available at the IE Library.
This way you can access the full text of the electronic resources and get the availability and location of the printed materials straight from the e-Syllabus. Reservations of the required materials can also be done as well as printing, downloading, saving, sharing, e-mailing or listening to e-articles, e-books, reports, etc. included in the sessions.
To use this function, please follow these steps: 
  1. Go to the e-Syllabus edition of the Campus (Activate edition mode)
  2. Choose the session you wish to elaborate and click "Edit"
  3. On the field "Materials Session" click "Add manually"
  4. If you wish, fill out the fields of Title and/or Author and press "Search link in Library". You can also press "Search link in Library"directly.
  5. Search the catalogue (if the Title and/or Author fields weren't filled out before). The retrieval results will be displayed
  6. Click on the title of the resource you wish to access
  7. Go to the Permalink (in the upper right corner of the record) and copy the url 
  8. Paste the url in the field "Link (http://)" of the e-Syllabus
  9. Fill out the fields "Type", "Title" (compulsory) and "Author" (if required) and press "Send"
This way you will be able to add on your e-Syllabus all the materials that you need.
If you wish you can also check this video tutorial on how to include all these materials.