Interlibrary loan

Internal Users

This service makes it possible to borrow materials from other libraries beyond IE Library's holdings. Faculties, Staff, and Students can request materials not held in our library for research and study. Students must specify the name of the professor and course, in order to get authorization, otherwise, the request will not be processed.



  • Every request must be submitted by filling out the form you will find when clicking the “Get it for me / placed hold" button in our catalog (or the Interlibrary loan form below). Multiple requests for one user will be managed in threes.
  • The estimated time for the reception of the document is 15 days, as this service depends on external institutions this time may vary.
  • Loan period: 21 days.
  • Loan renewals will be considered an exception, and only available for Faculty, PhD and DBA students, and can only be requested before the due date. We remind you that we have reprographic service in the IE Library.
  • The same material may not be requested more than once during the academic year. 
  • The loan is personal and non-transferable.
  • Regarding e-book requests, the library will only manage the request of 1 or 2 chapters (if they do not exceed 10% of the total e-book pages). The petition must specify which chapters are needed. If the request only indicates the e-book title, but not its chapters, the library will not process it.


The interlibrary loan service is based on cooperation with other institutions, therefore, users need to comply strictly with the fines. User´s failure to return the material on time will imply a fine. This ban applies to all users. 

The users are responsible for the materials requested during the loan period. If a material is lost during the loan period or returned in bad conditions, it will be the responsibility of the holder to replace that material.

When a physical material is requested by ILL and is not used, a fine will be incurred to cover the service cost: 50€ materials supplied by national institutions and 75€ for international loans. Until such fine is solved, the library reserves the right to refuse any IE Library services. 

Fines will be managed through DiY IE Library APP and will be solved via credit card or PayPal.


Interlibrary Loan Materials Circulation Policy for students:

All ILL inquiries will be processed as long as the user doesn’t have pending fines and/or overdue materials.

Students will be able to loan the Interlibrary Loan books and/or physical materials outside the library. Also, photocopies and scanning of the materials are permitted as long as the author’s right law is respected. 

Request form

External Users

Other libraries and Spanish or foreign documentation centers that are not connected to the library and individuals are considered external users, as well as Alumni Essentials and Alumni Plus.
Every request must be submitted by filling out the Interlibrary loan form below.
Once the request has been submitted, the library staff will inform the applicant´s library.
Documents ordered through this service can be used only for private, educational, or research-related needs, and their copying and usage will be administered by the current intellectual property law.
The following items are excluded from the loan system. A copy can be sent if possible: 
  • Reference works (encyclopedias, dictionaries, catalogs, bibliographies, etc) 
  • Manuals that are frequently requested by students
  • Entire magazines
  • Quarantined books
  • Reports from databases.
  • Study Cases (managed by IE Publishing
  • Thesis, Final Master Projects, and Final Degree Projects 
Following, you can find the conditions and fees of the loan service.

Rebiun User / ILL (OCLC)

Maximum number of loans
  • No limit
Loan period
  • 1 month*
  • 1 time
Renewal time
  • 1 month

* It could change depending on the destination

  National Europe Other destinations
Copies 5€ + 21% VAT 15$ 15$
Loan 8€ 30-65$ 55-65$

External Institutions and individuals

Loan period
  • 1 month*
  • 1 time
Renewal time
  • 1 month

* It could change depending on the destination

  National Europe Other destinations
Copies 20€+21% VAT 15$ 15$
Loan 30€ 40-65$ 55-65$
Chapter scanning
(or 10% of the total of the document)
15€ 20$ 20$