Multiuser license on e-Books

This is a service that allows you to know the number of licenses of the e-books acquired by the IE Library. Those can be:
  • Multiuser access: Multi-user perpetual license (MUPO)
  • Three concurrent user access (or the number indicated): Three-user perpetual license
  • One concurrent user access: Single-user-only perpetual license (SUPO)
This information can be found on the "Access Online" section of the e-book bibliographical record.
IE Library acquisition policy has as a priority to acquire the e-books on a multiuser access format (MUPO), as long as the provider offers this possibility.
Be responsible for using an ebook lending service. You will find flexible options for downloading content (some ebooks are not available for download). You can choose the loan length. Be aware that other users may also need it.
The multiple and simultaneous access allows professors and students to consult, highlight, print, add notes, etc.quickly and simultaneously and within the classrooms themselves, integrating the e-book as a teaching material.