How to use Library resources for online teaching

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How to... Use Library Resources for online teaching

Planning on teaching a class remotely? IE Library can help with that.

IE Library makes it possible for faculty teaching remote classes to connect seamlessly through direct engagement with library staff, access to digital content, and collaboration across the University.

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Connect with IE Library staff

Our staff of experts is here to help you find digital materials, create course guides, and provide online library instruction and virtual library visits. Talk to your library liaison and together we'll figure out a plan to connect your students with the best tools and materials.

Research Consultations

Get personalized online guidance from one of our library specialists. No question is too small!


How we can help

From picking your research topic to discover fresh sources and from literature reviews to working with rare or unique materials, data, and maps, we can help you with all your questions. Consultations are available in-person, by telephone, or online. 

During a one-on-one research consultation, we can work with you to:

  • Develop search strategies.
  • Identify and locate new sources.
  • Organize your research.
  • Work with unique, primary materials.
  • Obtain items not available at IE Library.
  • Offer other kinds of support tailored to your research needs.

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Library Liaisons

Make an appointment with a library liaison to get the help you need to get your work done.

Looking for personalized guidance when it comes to doing work at the library? Curious about how the library can help you in your area of study? We're here to help. We can help you make the most of your research.

Ready to help your students develop their research skills? Talk to your library liaison and we'll figure out a plan to connect your students with the best tools and materials.

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Working with digital course materials

Use these services and tools to make it easier to access the materials and resources you need, from anywhere in the world. 


Course Reserves

Looking for required and recommended reading for your classes? Check out what's available through course reserves.

What are the course reserves?

Course Reserves (e-Bibliography)

This service offered by the IE Library collects all the materials included in the syllabus bibliography, and other documents that are considered relevant to the development of each subject taught in IE. 

Course reserves


Library resources

Use these sections to seamlessly access ie library subscriptions from anywhere on the web.

Premium access to the most relevant international and national press. The latest news is just a click away!

Check archives, blogs, articles, multimedia archives, videos of the main newspapers, such as Financial Times, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, and much more.

Discover the most important qualitative and quantitative databases. All at your reach to help you get relevant information on many subjects and business sectors.

Research resources

Find resources that will be of great help for your research papers, such as scientific databases, bibliographic managers, working papers, and also guidance on how to cite your sources.

Value-added service that enables ease of access and use of specialized information contained in the electronic resources IE Library subscribes to.

Liquid Teaching Tools

IE Library offers some tools to access and use the specialized information you can find in our subscribed resources. Learn how to transform your class with our liquid Learning tools

Warc: Strategy toolkit Online Games; Interactive and multimedia maps; supporting remote learning...

Statista: Development and critical management skills and abilities. Diagrams, charts, infographics,...

Wharton classroom tools

Classcraft:  web application to create a roll game with the library resources and bring the opportunity to professors to change the class. Learn by playing., energize, challenge, create, innovate,... IE Library Classcraft videoHow it works. Try a demo. More info:

Seppo: an online program for the gamification of library resources. 360 image with questions to solve as a quiz and pass different levels. Learning by playing. Brings the opportunity to change the class. Contact and we will give you access to Seppo, to create your class synchronously or asynchronous. 

Career Insider Vault: active support professional development from the very start.

And many more tools like Podcast, infographics, tables, interactive maps, simulators, videos, rankings, comparatives, competitors, interactive portals, multimedia platforms, TV channels kit, reports, trends, tools, games, statistics, research software, open access, data from research, images, dictionaries, audiobooks, indexes, glossaries, photograph, chart, diagram, graph, illustration, interviews, biographies, etc.

Media Labs

Get Multimedia Support

The MediaLab: A space for audiovisual talent.

At IE University’s MediaLab, students learn how to plan, produce, and broadcast multimedia materials. 

IE Learning innovation: to improve the learning and teaching experience at IE.

Get to know the MediaLab


University resources

Partner sites from across IE University have information to help you participate in class remotely — learn about using Blackboard and other resources.

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