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Any material requested from the IE Library will preferably be acquired online whenever available in this medium. This means that if material is available online but the user would still prefer a hard copy version, the library will not fund its purchase.

IE Library has one copy of the materials designated as mandatory in the bibliographies of the syllabus and Course Reserves. It is important that the references listed on such bibliographies are reviewed and updated periodically, in order to carry out an optimal development of the collection, in terms of teaching.

For more information, please consult the IE Library Acquisitions Policy


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2017 Catalog of books

This is a compilation of the intellectual production of IE during 2017. These books have been written by IE teachers, students, alumni and staff.

You can consult former production in 2016 Catalog of books


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All the books available in IE Knowledge have been stablished as compulsory for IE professors. We recommend you to create your own library acquiring all the books that will be essential and of an ongoing consult through all your professional life.