Study locations reservation

The IE library (Madrid Campus) offers the possibility of reserving certain study spaces, out of 167, to better manage the available space. 
Reservation conditions:
  • Reservations must be done through the reservation app.
  • Each student will have a limit of 15 hours of reservation time a week.
  • You can make a maximum of 2 reservations a day.
  • The first two tables near the entrance of the library are excluded from this service, as they don't require a reservation. (See map)
  • The computers stand where the Eikon and Bloomberg databases are installed, need to be requested by Researchers, PhD or DBA Students to the library by filling this form.
  • There are 4 study spaces which can only be reserved exclusively by PhD and DBA students.  

Madrid´s Campus library has 68 individual cubicles in the 2nd floor of the building (2 for PhD and DBA students).


Segovia Campus library offers 157 study locations. It is also possible to study in different locations as long as they are not reserved: Student Hub (1st floor next to the cloister), work rooms (3rd floor) and in the classrooms. There is a special space that can be used by PhD and DBA students.


Map of library study locations

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