DiY IE Library APP

Access with DiY IE Library APP to your IE Library personal space; manage your loans, holds and fines; borrow, renew and return items by yourself; make pending payments; check the catalog, etc. Enjoy IE Library 24/7, anywhere and from any e-device!. Available for download on Android and iOS

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IE Tags Beat.

IE Tags beat is an experience of sensory immersion, using gestural actions.

This project allows access to the the IE Schools electronic resources through the different types of documents, databases, e-books, electronic magazines, websites, newspapers and media, etc., mainly the ones most used by IE users.

Immersive Reality.

This technology consists of the immersion in an artificial environment where the user feels just as immersed as they usually feel in consensus reality.

It combines the real image with dynamic 3D elements to create scenes you can enjoy in 360 º, or you can move and continue to see different images.

Immersive reality is virtual, in real time, live, and without devices. The subject does not need helmets, cables, glasses or green screens.

In exhibitions and presentations, the immersive experience increases the ability to receive, understand and retain the message. The speaker can enter in a digital environment and interact with 3D virtual elements so that the speaker and attendees will be immersed in it.

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Reinventing the Library

IE Library integrates and becomes a key tool on the digital transformation in reinventing higher education through innovative technologies that allow the access, use and management of knowledge, information and resources on a completely new way at any moment and place on any e-device; and thus so adapting itself to the new education trends. 

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Meet Pepper, the new IE Library assistant

Get to know the IE Library latest trend tech project, Pepper; the new IE Library assistant.

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