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IE Library's Purple Corner, an example for other institutions: San Cristóbal creates its own Purple Corner inspired by IE University's one.

06 September 2020

IE Library has participated in the inauguration of the 'Purple Corner' in San Cristóbal de Segovia, a pioneering project in the network of libraries in Segovia and the province organized by the City Council of this locality influenced by our Library. The so-called "purple corners" are spaces in which specific issues on gender equality are addressed, trying to raise awareness and educate society about this issue.

In this 'Purple Corner' activities will be proposed periodically in which gender equality will be worked, taking into account the different ages of its neighbors. The locality also exhibits a mural with the motto "San Cristóbal de Segovia is equality", located at the back of the municipal pediment, the work of local artist Sergio Jiménez, who has used drawings from the children's equality contest.

The San Cristóbal City Council has expressed its gratitude to the Alcázar Cooperative and IE University (IE Library and the IE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Project) for their collaboration and for having been pioneers and references in this initiative of the “purple corners” in Segovia. This project, in line with our Purple Corner, is linked to the 2030 Agenda approved by the UN and confirms the influence of IE Library in the dissemination and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically number 5, Gender Equality.