The Library


The art arrives at the library

15 March 2019

From the library, we launch an initiative to promote art. For this reason, a selection of pieces created by students and former students of our university come to the library, thanks to the mediation of Campus Life. The pieces have been created in various creative initiatives and will be exhibited for a few months in Segovia Campus library.

Currently, pieces of Urko Fernández Serrano and Xuan Hoang Do, Bachelor and current student of Architecture of IE University respectively, are being exhibited.

The sculpture by Urko Fernández Serrano emerged from the Reduce-Reuse workshop, organized by Campus Life during the Green Greek 2018, in collaboration with AS Los Huertos, creators of Escombrarte, and was hosted by the IE Creativity Center.

Converting Trash into Art was a workshop held at the IE Creativity Center as a part of Campus Life’s Reduce Reuse awareness campaign, on Tuesday, October 30th. Students from various bachelor programs attended and learned about how recycled industrial materials can be reused and converted into amazing works of art, as seen in the Escombrarte competition. During the workshop, students had the opportunity to practice building their own sculptures using materials such as recycled bricks, tiles, wood and wire. Everyone experimented and came up with creative models, incorporating the recycled materials. Escombrarte is an international competition where participants create sculptures using recycled industrial materials. It is organized by A.R. Los Huertos, Segovia’s local recycling plant for industrial materials. For more information regarding the competition please visit:   

The painting by Do Xûan Hoáng comes from the exhibition produced by IE Campus Life, Boundless localisms, consisting of pieces created in one of the workshops given by Alberto Fernández Hurtado at the Creativity Center with IE students.

The artist, genuinely local, faced the language barriers by means of teaching participants how creativity helps them think. As a matter of course, their curiosity sparked off despite nowadays overstimulating reality. Together, they all built a boundless universe of observation and learning where each inner self was mutually perverted. A community was then born. Each localism (nationality, customs, background, mother tongue…) influenced the other, matter-fact tailoring a vast and heterogeneous network primarily linked by art and weekly chance. Students were once one of a kind to gradually become one of us. Students, likely igniting minds, embraced their new environment, adapted and started to create evidence of their lives. The day-one significant differences turned into the will to learn and show that very human capability to positively chance surrounding conditions. On the aftermath, they definitely left a print. This exhibition has no aesthetic purposes. Its reason for being is neither proving students’ abilities nor Alberto’s mastery. It is, on the contrary, a glance at a homeless cosmos, a storyline about overcoming challenges, the influence on others, the making of a community beyond preconceptions, the learning of life and the passing of time, when not our footprint on this world. In creating the works and the setting up of the exhibition truth was more important than beauty. We instead tended to uncover traces of living so memories of such joy could be left behind.