New Purchases Policy

Acquisition policy

The IE Library will acquire any type of material that has been requested in an online format, provided that it is available online. If the requested material is available in an online format and, even though, the petitioner requests paper format, the library will not assume the costs of purchasing the material.

The IE Library has one copy of the compulsory reading materials from the bibliographies of each syllabus. The reference materials included in the bibliographies are reviewed and updated on a regular basis, in order to thoroughly develop the collection, in regards to teaching.

Development of the collection

1. Definition

The development of the IE Library collection can be defined as the process through which the list of books and materials increase in relevancy and quantity with materials in any format in order to meet the IE community's needs for teaching and investigation. The library plans the development of its collection based on the requirements of its users, always attempting to cover the information needs.

2. Structure

In order to develop this collection, as with the case of the acquisitions, the library will take into account the structure of areas, programs, schools and centers that are established in IE. Each area and/or school, via their corresponding director,  will authorize the requested purchases for each professor. Likewise, the requests from professors, who teach subjects in programs that are not included in any specific area or school, must be authorized by the directors of said programs and the library directors. In this way, the requests from professors, who teach subjects in one specific center, must be authorized by the director of that center.

3. Content

The first goal of developing the library's collection is to cover the required bibliographies needed for current courses and in the main areas of investigation, under the area director's authorization, of the degree, of the program or of the corresponding center. Apart from the aforementioned, the library will provide the recommended bibliography by taking direct contact with the professors in order to determine the needs and potential use of this material, and purchasing it as soon as the applicable authorization is obtained.

The strategic plan for the development of the collection could start from:

a) The start of a new degree, a new program, master or research project.

b) Analysis of a specific area of the current collection based on the circulation, comments and suggestions of this area

c) The express demand of acquisition forms

d) Users suggestions from various sources

e) Data collected from the users regarding the collections

f) Analysis of the current electronic recourses available and from the publishing companies

3.1 Thematic content

The collection should cover the basic requirements of the academic community of IE, reflected in these objectives:

  • The needs expressed in the requests from professors and researchers
  • Basic collection of reference materials: general dictionaries and encyclopedias and bi-lingual dictionaries, indexes, bibliographies, biographies, etc., in relation to the areas, programs and existing academic schools
  • Specific material: monographs, periodicals and electronic resources that fit the needs of the areas, programs and schools in the IE academic community.
  • General material: monographs, periodicals and electronic resources for all areas, programs and/or schools.

4. How to obtain the material

4.1 Professor's request

The library will receive and process all the requests from professors and researchers, whether sent by individual e-mail or as a part of the bibliography from the syllabus. It is advised to use the form found at the end of this page.

4.2 Donations

The library receives materials donated by people or institutions, only when they meet the required academic profile of the library. There are donation agreements with Spanish and international institutions, with respect to publications generated from such institutions.    

4.3 Exchange

There are exchange agreements with universities and other institutions in order to regularly receive periodicals in exchange for one, or more, IE publication.

4.4 Purchasing materials

It is necessary to fill out the form, found on the IE website, in order to be able to process the request to purchase any book. 

The person who requests the item must indicate one of the following forms of payment:

  1.  Area or Department vice-dean's budget:
    1. Purchase for the office
    2. Subscription to online, or print, resources
  1. For a professor's research project
  2. For a seed fund
  3. Other needs or investigation tools
  4. By the IE Library's budget
    1. To be available as part of the library's collection
    2. To keep the electronic, and print,  resources up to date (if the second, or following, year the subscription is renewed

Any material requested, if available, will always be acquired in online format, providing that it is available. Hence, if the requested material is available online, and the user requests this material in print the library will not be responsible for purchasing this format.

The IE Library will send all material requests, from the IE Library's budget and from individual professors—including the statistics of material use of the library's collection—to the area directors, degree program directors and the vice-dean of research.

5. Assessment

The entire library collection will be assessed periodically by the librarians. The goal of this assessment will be to:

  • Update materials (new editions, new subscriptions, new databases, new audiovisual material, etc.)
  • To relocate the aforementioned materials in order to be reviewed by the librarians
  • To remove materials which, according to the cleaning policy, have met the needs to be removed from the collection after said revision

Professors and area, degree, program and center directors from each program and school must be very aware to review the marked materials in the bibliographies each year. The library will always have a copy of these documents, hence it is very important that the marked materials are reviewed and updated regularly to maintain the collection up to date. This requirement also allows for the budget to be well managed.

6. Policy Review

The present policy will be reviewed every year by the management, for the purpose of correction, emission of elements, and/or the addition of new components not currently included, after consensus from the Library Board.


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