This way, you can access the full text of the electronic resources and get the availability and location of the printed materials straight from the Syllabus.


Reservations of the required materials can also be done as well as downloading, saving, sharing, e-mailing or listening to e-articles, e-books, reports, etc. included in the sessions.


To use this function, please login to the Campus and follow these steps:


  1. Go to your Syllabus and select “Activate editing mode”
  2. Choose a session and click “Edit”
  3. Select “Edit materials”
  4. Go to “Add manually”
  5. Fill out the fields of Title and Author and press “Search IE Library”
  6. Select the item you would like to add to your Syllabus clicking on “Link”
  7. Share this record by copying the URL
  8. Paste the URL in the field “Link (http://)” of the Syllabus
  9. Save new material


This service, offered by the IE Library, collects all the materials included in the syllabus bibliography, and other documents that are considered relevant to each subject taught at IE.


After the course is created, it generates a permalink that, with a single click, you can use to check the availability and location of the materials in the IE Library catalog, in addition to making a reservation. If it is an electronic document, you can access the full text.


This permalink to the courses can also be found on the Bibliography paragraph of your e-Syllabus.

To access the Course Reserves manager, go to the library catalog by clicking here.

Once you are in the WorldCat Local interface you need to login with your IE credentials to the “User Portal“. After logging in, the “Course management” message will show up. If you do not have access, please contact the libraryThe tutorial shows how to manage the Course Reserves tool.

All courses generate a permalink that can be accessed from any device (tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.) So, we encourage you to include it on IE Campus, update and complete it, and share it on other channels,  such as social networks, blogs, email, etc.

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