Meet Pepper, the new IE Library assistant

Get to know the IE Library latest trend tech project, Pepper; the new IE Library assistant.

IE Library value-added information services and resources

Find on IE Library all the services and trainings available, access it anywhere, anytime and expertise on the best quantitative and qualitative databases and give added value to your CV. Get the best out of the most important resources available and obtain the best IE experience.

My IE Library Account

IE Library tutorial on My IE Library account and how to manage your loans, renewals, fines and holds online.

IE Library presentation for Global Alumni Weekend 2018

Get all the scoop on the IE library's contact, resources, services and more for alumni!

Integration of the IE Library catalog on the e-Syllabus edition

With the Integration of the IE Library catalogue on the e-Syllabus edition, professors will be able to manage the e-Syllabus straight from the Online Campus and to add the resources available on the catalog straight from the blackboard easily without changing the work environment.