Immersive Reality

The immersion in an artificial environment where the user feels just as immersed as they usually feel in consensus reality.

IE Tags Beat

Experience IE Tags beats; a new sensorial immersion way to experience and access the library resources. Play with the information  on a touchless environment where gamification meets information and big data and take it with you on your smartphone. 

IE Vertical Library Smart Spaces

Welcome to IE Library Smart Spaces.
Make the IE Vertical Library silence area mobile friendly. Silence your phone when you enter in the library and de-activate it when leaving. Pass the phone by the "unlock to mute" point when entering and the "unlock to unmute" one when leaving.

Meet Pepper, the new IE Library assistant

Get to know the IE Library latest trend tech project, Pepper; the new IE Library assistant.

More information in this video.

My IE Library Account

IE Library tutorial on My IE Library account and how to manage your loans, renewals, fines and holds online.