Discover here all the innovation projects that our Library has carried out throughout these years. You will also find tutorials and library support multimedia to help you make the most out of Library resources.

Access the full text of the articles available on the virtual library and other academic materials through Google Scholar

Tutorial on your Library User Portal, your own virtual library space,  and how to manage your loans, renewals, fines and holds online. 

Virtual reality and Immersive reality to create the library of the future. A switch toward a DiY (Do it yourself) philosophy, where the user is autonomous in Play & search with IE Tags Beat; gamification, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, a new way of perceiving and accessing information. Reinventing learning. Reinventing searching. Discover your library of the future!

Discover our Vertical Library and all its benefits. Break out of the Library facilities, manage your own circulation from the smartphone.

Check how to know the number of licenses of the ebooks acquired by our Library.

Access your Library personal space with DiY IEU Library APP; manage your loans, holds and fines; borrow, renew, and return items by yourself; make pending payments; check the catalog, etc. Enjoy our Library 24/7, anywhere from any e-device!

Available for download on Android and iOS.

More information in this video.

Smart Station DiY, a special space designed and equipped with the latest technology. Next generation mobiles with DiY IEU Library APP where the user can manage the loans, renewals, returns, payments, and other tasks. DiY IEU Library APP: an app that enhances your library experience, taking you to a technological dimension unique in the world. Taste the future in your own hand.

Emerging technologies, Smart Spaces, Vertical Library, and others. Physical barriers disappear, applications and technological devices transform our library into an intelligent space. Pepper, the new library assistant, our brand new project, combines artificial intelligence and BOTs. Change the way you search. Change the way you learn.

The Library is integrating and becoming a key tool in the digital transformation in reinventing higher education with innovative technologies that access, use, and manage knowledge, information, and resources in a completely new way at any moment and place on any e-device; and thereby adapting itself to the new education trends.

More information about Wow Room in this video, and about Chatbot here.

This service offered by our Library collects all the materials included in the syllabus bibliography of each subject taught in IE. You can learn in just one click the course materials included in the Library catalog.