In this series of Purple Movie Recommendations, brought to us by IE Gender Equality Office,  Wadad Assaf, student and IE Girl Up Club Vice President, comes to talk to us about “On the Basis of Sex“, from Mimi Leder, a biographical and true story based drama narrating the life and early cases of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Please contact the Library to watch the movie on Netflix.


Why did I choose this movie?

Given the recent events in the United States regarding the supreme court justice and, more so, the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I got interested in the importance she had on justice and culture, both nationally and internationally. How she had gone from being a professor to becoming Supreme Court Justice, in a moment where the world was lead by men.


Why do I recommend it?

This movie does a great job of locating you in the cultural and economic environment. It is so interesting to see the relationship between men and women in society especially during the late 1900s. Howeach generation of women reacted differently to the revolution, but there were all essential to creating a new culture. The tenacity RBG had and how even if many doors were closed in here face because she was a woman, she still found the strength to stand up and fight again. How a law is not in is essence fair and that there are mechanisms inside the same system to amend these laws. Often, we take for granted the current equality we live in the law and our rights. But this makes us see that it is the result of the revolution and constant fight of a whole generation. As RBG fought for equal and civil rights throughout her life, this movie is a reminder for everyone and especially girls to fight for what they believe and push through any obstacles that might be in ther way.

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