On 28th February, the IEU Library had the honour to host Speaker Series: markets of the future, which was the very first webinar where we have talked about The Age of #AI and the Impact of #ChatGPT. This session was organized thanks to IE Global Alumni Relations, and it took place in our Madrid Campus Library.

They have asked #ChatGPT to write this post and that’s what it says:

Yesterday, we hosted the first speaker series: markets of the future with prof. Rolf strom-olsen ft. Prof. Kiron ravindran. They discussed chatgpt, its application in the education sector, and the accuracy of its responses, but how accurate can their appreciation be? Humans are not capable of an objective analysis… (this message has been truncated by the user)

We coulnd’t miss this opportunity, so we also asked #ChatGPT if it knows IEU Library and that’s what it have said:

Yes, as an AI language model, I am familiar with the IEU Library. It is the library of IE University, a private university in Spain with campuses in Segovia and Madrid. The IEU Library offers a wide range of information resources and research services to support students, faculty, and researchers in their academic and professional projects. The library has a physical collection of books and periodicals, as well as access to a vast amount of electronic resources, such as databases, e-journals, and e-books. It also offers reference services, interlibrary loan, research skills training, and study and group work spaces.

If you want to know more or you have missed the Live session you can re-watch it here.

Stay tuned for more Speaker Series sessions!

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