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Law and Tax 1

How to access the legislation on international law relating treaties and bilateral agreements, etc. and fiscal provisions?

Log in to vLex Global and search through indexes to navigate by Jurisdiction, Content type, and Sources, access the history, create notes and folders.

El Derecho Essencial Plus can be used to consult international legislation from the Council of Europe, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and La Hague Conference.


Law and Tax 2

How to access taxes, legislation, constitutions, regulations, and jurisprudence from the following geographic areas: North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean; Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the Middle East?

vLex Global is used to search and uses indexes to navigate by jurisdiction, content type, and sources, access history, create notes and folders.


Law and Tax 3

What resources are available to find information on the European Union regarding treaties, international agreements, legislation, complementary regulations, preparatory acts, jurisprudence, national implementation or development measures, national case law, parliamentary questions, consolidation documents, official gazettes, and documents on the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)?

This type of information can be looked up in Westlaw International, that is to say, all cases in the European Union, legislation (including the “C” and “L” series of the official gazettes, preparatory acts, and treaties), treaties, and articles on constitutional law, human rights and intellectual property collected in the scope of electronic journals.

Find legal concepts and legal provisions on Administrative doctrine, jurisprudence, and bibliography; issuing court, publications, and collections of regulations on Legislation; activity and regional conventions; arbitration, a community of goods, contract, family law, property law, mortgage, litigation, property, civil registry, civil liability and successions in forms at El Derecho Essencial Plus.

Lastly, all these topics can be found in Eur-Lex: access to European Union law.


Law and Tax 4

Are there legislative and fiscal profiles of the member countries of the European Union, United Kingdom, and OECD countries? 

Absolutely, vLex Global provides access to international legislation from each European Union member country, performs searches, indexes to navigate by jurisdiction, content type, and source list, access the history, create notes and folders.

All these topics can also be reviewed in Westlaw International.

Specifically regarding the United Kingdom’s legislation, please refer to Westlaw UK.


Law and Tax 5

Is there any legislation concerning non-member countries of the European Union, for instance, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, and Canada?

Westlaw International grants access to legislation, doctrine, jurisprudence, treaties, cases, legal documents belonging to non-member countries of the European Union.

Use vLex Global to acquire knowledge about jurisdiction; International law with Practical vLex, jurisprudence, and legislation, in Europe, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, North America, Asia and Oceania, Middle East and Africa; content type in books, magazines, news, forms; legislation and jurisprudence and source list.



Law and Tax 6

How to find updated and consolidated legislation (draft laws, etc.) of the Kingdom of Spain and its autonomous communities?

El Derecho Essencial Plus provides access to both state legislation (Council of the State, Council of the Kingdom, Courts, Ministries, Constitutional Court, etc.) and the specific legislation of each of the autonomous communities.

Another method to find this information is with the BOE (Boletín Oficial del Estado) and the official gazettes periodically published by the autonomous communities.

Aranzadi Revistas (Proview)



Law and Tax 7

Is there legislation knowledge, arranged by subject: administrative, civil, constitutional, fiscal, labor law; by territorial scope (state, European, international, and regional); or legislative initiatives: bills or draft laws?

vLex España can be used to access legislation consolidated by subject area, territorial scope, and legislative initiatives.

Another source is Westlaw International, which categorizes all cases from the European Union regarding legislation (including the “C” and “L” series of the official gazette, preparatory dispositions, and treaties); articles and writings on constitutional law, human rights, and intellectual property collected in electronic journals.

Westlaw International can be used to obtain legislation, doctrine, jurisprudence, treaties, cases, and legal documents, among others, regarding non-member countries of the European Union.



Law and Tax 8

How to access international, European, or national regulations and regulations from the autonomous communities and the historical territories?

vLex Global can be used to find the jurisprudence of each member country of the European Union.

Use El Derecho Essencial Plus to consult updated jurisprudence regarding any of the previously selected geographical scopes.

vLex España provides jurisprudence from the courts, at the international level, and arbitration;  from the European Union and national levels. Additionally, vLex Global offers the jurisprudence of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center; the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, and the International Court of Justice.

Another option is to access the BOE (Boletín Oficial del Estado), “electronic codes,” i.e. current regulations in the legal system, which are continually updated and presented as branches of the law: constitutional, administrative, security and defense, criminal, social legislation, tax and financial, civil, commercial, auditing, and accounting, etc.



Law and Tax 9

Can transcripts of the regulations be acquired with comments and examples?

Use QMemento, along with what is known as Mis Mementos, to access the details of the general regulation, explanatory tables, applicable regulations in each case, administrative doctrine, and the recent and most relevant case laws for the following areas: tax, accounting, social, mercantile, administrative, procedural, real estate, and urban planning.



Law and Tax 10

What are the resources to find specific information on legislation, doctrine, jurisprudence, agreements, and forms, regarding the following topics: social, commercial, accounting, fiscal, and financial?

QMemento Plus Social addresses social issues.

Mercantile issues are under QMemento Base Mercantil.

QMemento Plus Contable is for accounting topics.

Lastly, fiscal issues are addressed in QMemento Plus Fiscal.