IEU Library attends CIVICA Library Steering Committee in Vienna

IEU Library was represented in the CIVICA Library Steering Committee Meeting held at Central European University in Vienna, Austria on June 10-11, 2024. The meeting was attended by a total of 27 participants composed of CIVICA coordinators, library directors, librarians and project managers. Four of them joined remotely.

The main objective of this gathering was to update the members on the accomplishments, ongoing activities, and plans under the CIVICA Work Package (WP) 2 – task 2.3 Implement a common strategy for the CIVICA Library, which has 5 subtask groups focusing on 1. Common approach to electronic documentary resources; 2. CIVICA audiences’ needs, skills and information literacy; 3. Reading Lists and Information Literacy Joint Program; 4. Development of an open educational resources approach and Increase visibility of Open Access publications; and 5. CIVICA Library, governance and community of practices.

IEU Library´s representative is mainly involved in subtask 1 related to electronic resources together with its partner from Sciences Po Library (France). The 2 leaders reported their group´s accomplishments and future activities for the realization of their tasks which is sharing of electronic resources within the alliance in the next years. It is considered as the most difficult task as CIVICA needed to commission a research consulting firm who will do an in-depth study on the matter and will identify the scenarios for pooling library digital resources within the CIVICA member institutions. Even though there is a firm for this purpose, the group still carried out some actions that would help contribute to the study: created an inventory of digital resources of 10 CIVICA Library members; involved in the formulation of the Information Literacy Survey for students and teachers in CIVICA courses; and identified the sources of the reading lists of joint and multi courses. The results of these were analyzed and used as reference in proposing database titles that could be subscribed by the alliance.

Aside from the reporting of each group, the participants also visited CEU Library and were informed of its new campus plans. Workshops and round table discussions on pertinent topics such as Open Education, reading lists & related services, and plans of the committee were transpired.

The 2-day meeting has been fruitful as it provided the entire team with better understanding of the issues concerning the different library subtasks. Rest assured that IEU Library will continue to support and engage in CIVICA Library projects and activities.